What are Strip Lashes?

Do you need help choosing the right wholesale lashes vendor? Welcome to Grinlash eyelash company, one of the best lash vendors. Most people can find suitable eyelashes here. You may be a distributor preparing to start your own lash business or a professional who wants to wholesale eyelashes bulk. Or you are just a person who pursues beauty. Grinlash eyelash vendor will try their best to cater to every single individual’s needs. As a vendor of eyelashes, we commit to producing various high-quality strip lashes and eyelash extensions. Let more and more people become beautiful is our ultimate goal.

Before you start wholesale eyelashes, we’d like to introduce you to different eyelashes in detail, which all wholesale lashes distributors should know.

People deeply love strip eyelashes at all stages due to their fashion design, rich style, and practicality. So far, they have not slowed down a bit! With the eyelash glue, only spend a bit of extra time to paste and remove lashes, easy to operate, and reusable. Wearing eyelashes is a common and very important step in makeup. It can obviously enhance your appearance and make your eyes more beautiful and charming. People often say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, then I could say eyelashes are the shutters!

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Types of Strip Lashes

Being a professional wholesale lash vendor, our lash brand provides a wide variety of eyelashes and our lash maker will continuously update new products. So you can match the eyelashes according to different daily makeup or mood. Ranging from mink lashes styles, magnetic lashes, colored lashes, 3D/5D designs as well as eyelashes made from faux mink material. Depending on what you desire, we are sure to have a lash style for your lash business.

Mink Lashes

Here at Grinlash.com mink lash vendor with packaging, we offer kinds of high-quality real mink lashes with 3D and 5D designs. Mink lashes are one of the top luxury beauty supply eyelashes. The production process of eyelashes uses smooth, silky mink hair. As you can see, they have a lifelike and delicate appearance with an unbeatable curl, which looks extremely natural.

Mink eyelashes are loved and famous for their soft, fluffy texture. To better imitate the appearance of natural eyelashes, each lightweight lash strand is carefully layered, and on this basis, it enhances the volume, length, and texture. They are more fine and smooth than lashes made of synthetic fiber or human hair.

Therefore, they also need additional care. As a paradise for wholesale mink lashes and packaging, you can find 3D Real MINK EYELASHES wholesale, 5D MINK LASHES with 13-18mm/20mm length here, 25mm mink lashes wholesale is also available. If you need it, you can wholesale eyelash glue in our store at the same time. Welcome to Grinlash mink eyelash wholesale vendor and order mink eyelashes in bulk to get more favorable prices.

Faux Mink Lashes

Faux Mink Lashes are the best quality of all synthetic eyelashes. For the texture and touch of real mink eyelashes they use super lightweight, soft and fluffy materials. With the soft plastic fibers, the eyelashes can show natural curves. In addition, they are perfectly matching for all eyes with a great comfort level. For vegan and animal protectors, Faux mink lashes are good choices.

The maintenance cost of faux mink lashes is low, and they come in a larger variety of styles. People who don’t want to invest too much in this area can try this. If you need faux mink lashes wholesale, we enjoy offering all 3D and 5D styles, 13-18mm, 20mm, 25 mm lashes wholesale.

Magnetic Lashes

Since the launch of magnetic eyelashes in 2014, the evolution of magnetic lashes has been incredibly fast indeed. Our eyelash manufacturer also keeps developing and innovating for magnetic lashes wholesale. As the name suggests, magnetic lashes are eyelashes with magnets. According to the principle of magnets of the different polarity will attach to each other, magnetic lashes are composed of eyelashes with magnetic ends at both ends. As long as clamp these two ends on both sides of the eyelashes, you can easily have charming eyelashes. Magnetic lashes have a reverse magnetization design, which will not fall even in case of sweating or strong wind. Wholesale magnetic lashes at our store won’t make you regret it.

Magnetic lashes consist of two parts: upper and lower. When wearing, just clamp your natural lashes between the upper and lower lashes, like a sandwich. Lash manufacturers make magnetic lashes more reusable than ordinary eyelashes. They don’t need additional glue and won’t tear off your natural eyelashes. It’s because of these advantages that magnetic lashes are so attractive.

Colored Lashes

It’s wise to let colored lashes occupy a tiny space on your purchase list as an eyelash wholesale distributor. Colored lashes also have a considerable number of consumer groups. They are especially popular among young people. The bold and fashionable Grinlash supplier will lead eyelash lovers from black lashes to a new world of colored lashes.

If you often wear eyelashes and want to try bold beauty and individual lashes wholesale, then you must be interested in the colorful eyelashes of the newly launched. Here, All kinds of colors dazzle you such as purple, red, green, yellow, and gradients colors. In addition to the natural curl design, layered, delicate, soft, the unique gradient color provides you with different colorful experiences as well.

Different from daily eyelashes, colored eyelashes are widely used in festivals, performances, dramas, and other special occasions. To this end, our eyelash wholesale vendor has launched three types of colored eyelash vendors wholesale: colored mink lashes, colored faux mink lashes, and colored magnetic lashes.

Difference between Classic Lashes and 3D, 5D Lashes

Before finding wholesale eyelash vendors, understanding the difference between eyelashes is the first step in starting a lash business. Even if you are a novice in the false eyelash world, it is easy to learn the terminology and understand what the difference is. Grinlash company is not only a lash wholesale vendor but also teaches you how to start your own eyelash business.

Follow us and keep reading to find out!  

Classic Lashes

Classic lashes are beauty supply eyelashes. They have been the standard in the beauty industry and vendors for eyelashes until 3D eyelashes came into people’s sight. They are clear and distinct with a simple and lightweight design. The length is usually about 5-10mm. Because of their ultra-lightweight and delicate volume, they can sometimes be undetected after wearing. Classic eyelashes are ideal for girls looking for a natural look.

If you are looking for a pure and exquisite style of lashes, classic or standard eyelashes are accessories you can’t miss. This style of eyelashes is perfect for girls who wear daily or with light makeup. For people who want to achieve more volume, layering, and stereo feeling with their eyelashes, 3D lashes are their gospel.

3D & 5D Lashes

Each type of lash can achieve different effects, but they are all designed to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. In addition to simply extending and curling eyelashes to achieve the goal, 3D lashes make the three-dimensional effect of the eye more obvious.

The “D” means dimension and the number represents the amount of extensions of an eyelash. For example, 3D lashes have 3 extensions on one eyelash. 5D lashes consist of 5 extensions. As one of the best lash vendors we offer premium mink eyelashes wholesale and 3D mink lashes beauty supply, which are all handmade. Through the mixing of different sizes and long or short hair, 3D eyelashes look more fluffy, with a layered effect. Therefore, it is more charming and elegant in the overall style. If you are looking for more noticeable eyelashes, 3D/5D lashes are the best choice for you to achieve the ultimate dramatic effect. Although we are a 3D mink lashes vendor and provide 5D mink lashes wholesale now, you are expected to get the 7D wholesale shortly.

Being a leading professional high-end wholesale eyelashes distributor, Grinlash Lashes will become a powerful source guarantee for you to create your own eyelash brand. As you can see, all the eyelash types you need can be found here. Wholesale strip lashes for your lash business, like 25mm mink eyelashes wholesale, 3d mink lashes wholesale, false eyelashes wholesale, magnetic lashes wholesale, wholesale lash extensions, and eyelash glue bulk. etc.   

The wholesale lash manufacturer always is dedicated to studying the Mink Eyelashes, Magnetic Lashes, and False Eyelashes. To ensure the quality of the product, we insist on 100% pure hand-made. We are proud of our technical team, who are passionate about creativity and experience. If you have any questions about eyelashes or want to know, please feel free to email us at info@grinlash.com.