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For Eyelash Wholesale Distributors

Are you looking for a reliable wholesale eyelash supplier to improve your eyelash business? Grinlash will rich your lashes with various products in different materials and sizes. We have wholesale mink Lashes, wholesale magnetic lashes and wholesale lash extensions.

Competitive Wholesale Lash Prices

Our rich experience in the lash industry ensures you can bulk eyelashes at the lowest cost. Buy from Grinlash lash factory helps cut down the go-betweens and control costs effectively.

Stable Quality

We carefully choose the best eyelash material and mink only to be best lashes vendor. We have hired experienced employers and strictly control each step of the lash production process.

Consistent Supply

We have over 60 skilled technicians who produce over 10,000 more lashes in stock each month. And we can also cooperate with other lash makers to ensure enough supply.

For Salon Owners

Wanna make your clients satisfied? Hope to get the new trend lashes products and win the competition on the market? At Grinlash eyelash factory, everything is beyond your expectation.

Perfect  Service

Our skillful and professional staff can handle any eyelash style design to meet your clients’ diverse needs. We will pay attention to clients’ requirements and follow the fashion trend to give the mink eyelashes that you love.

On-time Delivery

Our rigorous order control system assures that we complete every step of the process on time. We will keep a close eye on the shipment and ensure you can get the latest information. Whatsapp lashes vendor, and let’s have a discussion.

Quality Control

From sourcing raw materials to the final eyelash product, we have a quality control department to guarantee that every eyelash matches our strict standards.

For New Lash Company

Don’t know how to start your own lash brand? As an responsible lashes vendor, Grinlash will support you in starting an eyelash business. We can provide you lash business guide and private label lash wholesale. So you can create your own brand of lashes.

Professional Consult

Our wholesale eyelash consultants have an excellent understanding of our lashes products. It’s their duty to help you start a lash business and offer detailed information such as mink lashes and eyelash extension management.

Extensive Products Range 

Our eyelash factory has different eyelash styles, both in stock and in custom units. We can also offer our client wholesale custom eyelash packaging boxes, and OEM your order. No matter what you want to order, you will find a solution here.

Wholesale Prices 

Although our price is not the lowest, we will give you the best wholesale lash prices so that you can start your own lash business fast, efficiently, and economically and win the competition in the market.

You can count on us!

We have been in the eyelash business for over 10 years. We are fully prepared to help you with any questions you may have about wholesale eyelashes.

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Great Wholesale Lashes Vendor

As the owner of a small eyelash salon in the US. We’ve only wholesaled mink eyelashes online a few times before. In fact, we want a one-stop service. Grinlash’s wholesale lashes offer is very reasonable. Our order included 3 massage beds, 6 eyelash pillows, 500 pairs of faux mink lashes and 100 boxes of eyelash extensions. After we pay for the goods, we will receive real-time updates about the progress of the order.

Good 3D Faux Mink Lashes

Upon introduction from a US counterparts, we learned that Grinlash not only wholesales classic eyelash extensions, but they offer wholesale 3D faux mink lashes, wholesale magnetic lashes and wholesale colored lashes. Grinlash gave us a lot of advice on how to start a successful lash business. With this advice, we can provide better service to my clients.

Brilliant 3D Faux Mink Lashes

As a Canadian lash company familiar with the Chinese supplier chain, we clearly know that Chinese lash manufacturers can produce inexpensive, high-quality 3d faux mink lashes. Since we have been wholesale 3d faux mink lashes from Grinlash, the lashes vendor has been interactive with us. We are still using these 3d faux mink lashes and will be buying Grinlash’s 3d mink lashes and eyelash extensions in the future. We also recommend other buyers to wholesale lashes from here.

Nice Premade Fans Eyelash Extensions

This is our fifth time coming to Grinlash to wholesale premade fans eyelash extensions. Both the quality of the lashes and the wholesale eyelash prices are very competitive, and Grinlash’s premade fans eyelash extensions can last a long time. The prices for buying eyelashes in bulk at Grinlash are really great. And as a lash manufacturer they have their own lash factory. Even faced with bulk eyelash orders, they can deliver on time.

Professional Eyelashes Factory

I am Smith from the US, we joined the lash industry since 2011. I came across eyelashes just because I loved makeup. Grinlash helped me learn how to start my own eyelash extension brand. With their help I knew about the products and techniques of faux mink lashes, magnetic lashes, classic eyelash extensions and premade fans eyelash extensions. Now my eyelash salon is well known in the area. Thanks for all of Grinlash’s support.

Excellent Classic Eyelash Extensions

Our company has been working with Grinlash since 2015. We are specialized in classic eyelash extensions sales. We looked at several lashes vendors to find classic eyelash extensions that met our requirements, and we finally chose Grinlash. During this time we shared about how to start an classic eyelash extension business and the technique of classic eyelash extensions which saved my time and money.

FAQ About Grinlash Lash Supplier

For in-stock orders, you can email your requirements to For custom orders, you can send us your specifications or a filled out order form by email. You can also mail us the order form with a sample eyelash.

For real mink eyelashes:

We use 100% mink hair. We love every animal and we only take the hair when the mink is moulting and the process of taking the hair does not cause any harm to the mink. Afterwards, we sterilize the mink hair several times. We then put it into the production of eyelashes.

For faux mink eyelashes:

The faux mink lashes are made of non-toxic material that are soft and durable. When used, they are very similar to real mink eyelashes and do not have any harmful effects on human health

Yes, we can provide samples to you. Samples are usually shipped via DHL, UPS or FedEx. The sample and sample shipping costs are covered by the customer. When you wholesale lashes, we will refund you the cost of samples, but the shipping cost is non-refundable.

Actually, we have no minimum purchase quantity. For the individual, you can bulk buy lashes or buy only in one piece. For lashes distributors, you can get the best wholesale eyelashes here. Please email us your needs, and we will give you the best offer.

Yes, we can duplicate your existing eyelashes upon request. You can mail your eyelashes to us. We will check the details with you once we receive your parcel.

We accept the following payment methods.
Generally, after the contract is signed, 40% deposit to be paid before production and 60% balance to be paid before shipment.

  1. TT payment ( Telegraphic Transfer )

    You can make a telegraphic transfer via bank reception or internet transfer.

  2. WU payment ( Western Union )

    Only for sample orders or payments under $1000.

  3. Paypal

    Only for sample orders or payments under $500.

  4. L/C ( Letter of Credit )

    Only bulk orders can be paid by L/C.

Yes, we can provide DDP service for you. All you need to do is tell us the model and quantity of eyelashes you choose. We can provide you with a total quote including import duties, shipping costs, and customs clearance fees. On top of that you don’t need to pay any additional fees, making your wholesale eyelash experience easier and convenient.

We currently accept USD and RMB for settlement.

We ship your wholesale eyelashes orders via DHL, UPS and FedEx. Shipping methods for bulk eyelash orders will need to be discussed in detail on a case-by-case basis.

In-stock eyelashes can be shipped within 48 business hours after payment. Delivery will take about 7-14 working days. Production time for the custom eyelashes will differ depending on the specific design and specifications. The eyelash production usually takes about 5-8 weeks. The transit time for bulk eyelash orders is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on their mode of transport.